We offer the following medical and non-medical personal alert systems and peripherals:

Monitoring Service
24/7 Response Center

Subscribers call for help by pressing the button on their personal activator or console. The call is sent to the 24-hour Response Center where call details (subscriber’s name, address and relevant information) are displayed on screen. The Response Center operator communicates with the subscriber through the unit's loudspeaker and microphone to determine an appropriate course of action.

Key Features

  • Highly trained, live operator support with world-class customer service creates a positive experience
  • Quality-assured to give the best service to subscribers
  • HIPAA compliance keeps subscriber personal information safe
  • Two fully operational US-based Response Centers for uninterrupted 24/7 service
  • Multi-lingual service - up to 150 languages available

24/7 Response Center with highly trained, live operators and world-class customer service

Powered by Tunstall, the world leader in remote care and safety monitoring, with over 50 years experience

Personal Medical Alert System

The 850XL is a personal emergency response system. The 850XL is comprised of a two-way voice console unit that connects to an existing phone line, and a lightweight water-resistant remote activator, worn around the neck or wrist.

Key Features

  • Simple connection to a standard telephone jack and electrical power.
  • After activation, the unit automatically resets and is ready to receive another signal
  • Speaker volume can be remotely controlled by the operator to better ascertain information and prompt the subscriber through an emergency
  • No traditional on/off switch means the system cannot be accidentally shut off from general handling or tampering
  • 30 day test reminder lights to ensure periodic testing
  • 24 hour back-up battery provides reassurance in the event of a power outage
  • Two-way voice communication allows Response Center Operators to communicate with subscribers via the device
  • Subscribers can remotely answer incoming calls with their Personal Activator and conduct a hands-free conversation through the console unit
  • 24/7 professional monitoring service
  • Optional daily inactivity alert/check-in automatically sends a signal to the Response Center if the unit is not reset or activated within a selected time frame
  • ETL listed - Quality is key

Personal Activator

  • Multiple wearing options include necklace and bracelet (belt clip may be ordered separately)
  • Water resistant (IP67) personal activator is designed to be worn in shower or bath
  • 250ft (76m) radio range in free space, suitable for typical dwellings/homes
  • Low battery alert signal automatically notifies the Response Center when the battery requires changing (battery life is approximately 2 years)
  • Indicator light provides a visual cue indicating the activator is transmitting

850XL, a personal emergency response system, home based console 490 personal activator on wrist strap