We offer the following medical and non-medical personal alert systems and peripherals:

Monitoring Service
24/7 Response Center

Subscribers call for help by pressing the button on their personal activator or console. The call is sent to the 24-hour Response Center where call details (subscriber’s name, address and relevant information) are displayed on screen. The Response Center operator communicates with the subscriber through the unit's loudspeaker and microphone to determine an appropriate course of action.

Key Features

  • Highly trained, live operator support with world-class customer service creates a positive experience
  • Quality-assured to give the best service to subscribers
  • HIPAA compliance keeps subscriber personal information safe
  • Two fully operational US-based Response Centers for uninterrupted 24/7 service
  • Multi-lingual service - up to 150 languages available

24/7 Response Center with highly trained, live operators and world-class customer service

Powered by Tunstall, the world leader in remote care and safety monitoring, with over 50 years experience

Medication Reminder System

Medsmart is a personalized adherence device that organizes, reminds, and dispenses medications so they are taken properly and on-time.

Key Features

  • Easy fill med-trays with 29 compartments and lid for easy fill by pharmacist, caregiver, or health care provider
  • Entire unit is portable and can be taken with you on day trips
  • Back-up battery for continued operation in the event of a power outage
  • Early dose button allows doses to be accessed early to be taken while not at home
  • Large digital display and programming buttons let subscribers easily view time, date, next alarm, and doses left information
  • Tamper proof lock prevents system tampering and medication misuse
  • Audio and visual reminders prompt the subscriber to take their pills
  • Loading disk guides fit easily over the tray to simplify refill
  • On-the-go pill box easily carries early doses

Optional event reporting and notification

  • Allows authorized users to track adherence, address dosing errors, and predict refill requirements
  • Remote programming automates set-up and allows easy programming changes
  • Help/Refill request button sends a help notification to designated recipient
  • 3 formats for sending alerts and notifications, including email, text message, and voice message ensures that recipient receives the message
  • Home docking base provides power to the unit and sends data to reporting system

Medsmart, a medication reminder and dispensing system